Nikki Frank Photography: Blog en-us (C) Nikki Frank Photography [email protected] (Nikki Frank Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:36:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:36:00 GMT Nikki Frank Photography: Blog 78 120 Winter is officially here! Tomorrow we are to be seeing some snowflakes fall.  We had a little bit of dusting last week which was fortunate compared to most of the United States. The outdoor sessions have come to a crawl.  Who wants to stand in 7 degree temps freezing their tooshies off while I tell them to think warm thoughts.  However, I am busy with all the little newborns, toddlers and maybe some pet portraits.  I want to share some of my faves from this fall

Fall Baby/Toddler Sessions Fall Baby/Toddler Sessions Fall Baby/Toddler Sessions Fall Baby/Toddler Sessions Fall Baby/Toddler Sessions Fall Baby/Toddler Sessions Fall Baby/Toddler Sessions

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Family session by the lake Never once have I taken my son on a shoot.  It's kinda like not taking you kid to Walmart if you a cashier or not taking your kid to a car dealership if you're a sales person.  Well...there's a first for everything.  I did a photo session with my cousin and her in-laws.  She knew I was busy and didn't have a sitter.  I was doing the session as a trade, so she said, "just bring him along, we'll help with him."  She even offered to take a few photos of him and I at the end, which if you know very many photographers they are always behind the camera and rarely in photos.  I figured I would take her up on the offer.  So we arrive at the park dressed up for photos ourselves, He in white pants by the way that were nearly impossible to find (there are reasons why they don't sell white pants for toddlers, duh!!!) In the first 5 minutes he lost his shoe in a murky muddy grassy area and was walking around in white socks soaked in black mud.  He fell a few times. We took pictures by a pond, a bridge and near a bee hive.  Talk about stress.  Well we all learn our lessons in life. Needless to say he didn't get any photos in white pants, they were stained within the first 20 minutes and I think my hair probably had looked like I had been pulling it out by the roots by the end of the session.  He wouldn't sit down to take a posed photo with me but as I always tell my parents "15 minutes tops" for a toddler to sit still. Laughing out loud at myself saying "Nikki, take your own advice." However it was a memory made and a cute little picture for the books. Hope this blog post was entertaining.  I could get used to sharing the antics of a photographer, mom and wife.  _DSC0163

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